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My Favorite Photo When Visiting Borobudur Temple

max ikhsan

Two thousand and nineteen is a very memorable year for me. At that time I had the opportunity to take part in a tour of the Borobudur temple organized by my place of work.

At that time I was assigned to help the Borobudur Temple tour guide to accompany students who would join the tour so that I could enter the temple, and see firsthand one of the world's most beautiful wonders.

At that time, I had the opportunity to take a selfie at the Borobudur temple. Unexpectedly, it turns out that I really like the photo because the impression of the atmosphere in the photo is so dramatic.

I finally uploaded the photo to several of my social media accounts and also didn't forget to upload it to this blog through this article.

Here below is an original photo that I took using the Infinix S4 smartphone camera.

The original photo quality is actually very good, but I forgot to save the original file. So I can only take a duplicate of the facebook cover.

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You can also see some other photos in the Indonesian article that I have published on this blog with the title "I Enjoy Every Historical Carving at Borobudur Temple".

Wait for other cool photo works that I will upload regularly on this blog.


All photos I take are 100% using my cellphone camera. So the results may not be as good and clear as a digital camera.

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